23 March 2015

Tomorrow ICT.OPEN2015 event

We are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at De Flint in Amersfoort on ICT.OPEN2015. It will be an event where science, industry and policy makers from the ICT field come together.

Tomorrow morning you can register as of 9.00 am. The plenary session will start at 10.00 am. Participants who are having a poster presentation are invited as of 9.00 am to place your poster.


On Wednesday morning registrations is also opened at 09.00 am and we will be welcoming you with a stand-up comedian. You don’t want to miss this!


To be of service to you we collected some practical information:

Please find the directions to De Flint. 


Social Media 

- download the ICT.OPEN2015 APP available for free for Android and iPhone. Besides the programme booklet, all necessary information is available on our mobile app.

- follow us on twitter (@ictopen2015) hashtag #ictopen2015

- ICT.OPEN2015 is also covered on Facebook – ICT.OPEN 2015 



To connect to the WIFI at De Flint, please follow below instructions.- Network: Flint Congres 

- Go to the webpage and select the option ‘log in met uw ticket’

- Login: ict 

- Password: ict


Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

The ICT.OPEN2015 Projectteam